Home School Certificate Courses Year 10 History 1. Australia's Involvement in the Cold war - Exercises
1. Australia's Involvement in the Cold war
1. Australia's Involvement in the Cold war - Exercises
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1. Australia's Involvement in the Cold war
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Exercise 1.1

Using the table in ‘The Cold War’, match the correct newspaper headline in Column 1 with the events in Column 2. Write the letter of the matching statement in the box in Column 1


Newspaper headline
 1    America to fly supplies to West Berlin A    Vietnam War
 2    Overnight — East cut off from West B    French–Indochina War
 3    Geneva Agreement ends conflict  C    Berlin Blockade
 4    Australian advisers sent to Vietnam D    Korean War
 5    Australian troops to help South Korea E    Erection of Berlin Wall



Exercise 1.2

Use your OWN WORDS to define the following terms.







 Soviet Union






 Cold War




Exercise 1.3

Read the following speech. A word used in the speech with which you may be unfamiliar is ‘totalitarian’. It means a type of government in which a single party rules without any opposition. Then, using the source and your own knowledge, answer the questions below.

Source: A speech made by British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, 1946

A shadow has fallen upon the scenes so lately lighted by the Allied victory. Nobody knows what Soviet Russia and its Communist international organisation intends to do in the immediate future... From Stettin in the Baltic [Sea] to Trieste in the Adriatic [Sea], an iron curtain has descended across the continent [of Europe]. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe – Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia. All these famous cities, and the populations around them, lie in the Soviet sphere, and all are subject in one form or another not only to Soviet influence, but to a high and increasing measure of control from Moscow... The Communist parties, which were very small in all these Eastern states of Europe, have been raised to pre-eminence [prominence] and power far beyond their numbers, and are seeking everywhere to obtain totalitarian control...
Winston Churchill speaking at Fulton, Missouri, USA, 5 March 1946 cited in Simpson et al, 1996, Problems and issues in Modern History, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, p 326.
1 Is the source primary or secondary evidence?   _____________________________________________________________________
2 What does the phrase ‘Allied victory’ refer to?   _____________________________________________________________________
3 What is the ‘Iron Curtain’?  _____________________________________________________________________
4 What is Churchill’s attitude to communism?  _____________________________________________________________________


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